Sherly Fan

Multi-media artist | filmmaker


CAN YOU PUT ON MY HEAD is a performance and interactive art project. This project invites the audience to put on a paper mache head sculpture created by artist Sherly Fan. The sculpture is a paper mache globe with multiple faces created by the artist wearing the globe on her head and blindly drawing her features. The sculpture is a commentary on the complicated relationship the artist has with how she is perceived and how others can interpret her imagery. Inviting the audience to participate in putting the sculpture on, the audience will have a chance to experience what it is like to be in someone else’s head, and what it is like to be “blindly” passive and judged by others. On top of the head-wearing experience, audio that features the artist’s stuttered voice and whispered microaggressive comments will be included to increase the immersive experience while emphasizing the uncomforting feelings of not being heard or seen. Mainly drawing from her personal experience, this piece is also a commentary on microaggression and aims to open conversations about multi-perspective experiences.

The project is presented as an interactive art event as well as portrait photos after the event.