Sherly Fan

Multi-media artist | filmmaker

Social Dystopia

Social Media Dystopia is a series of short videos that reference Disney animation villains, exploring the profound changes humans have undergone with the rise of digital imaging technology and social media.

Poor Unfortunate Instagram Souls

This video features Ursula from "The Little Mermaid," drawing on her theme song, "Poor Unfortunate Souls." The song critiques the fragmented information and identity obsession that dominate today's social media landscape. Viewers are shown how deeply we've allowed social media to reshape our identities, using AI-generated voices to underline our metaphorical pact with technology.

Zoom play

Leveraging AI, this installment recreates the unsettling sensation of the uncanny valley experienced in today's social media. It pairs audio from a Disney villain song in "Tangled," drawing a parallel between Mother Gothel’s manipulation of Rapunzel and the manipulative ways social media convinces us of its harmlessness while entrapping us in digital displays. Whispering voices underscore the ambiguity of our digital presence and critique the seemingly benign nature of ASMR videos, which, while soothing, may also fuel addiction to digital content.

Tinder Love is an open door

Referencing "Love is an Open Door" from "Frozen," sung by Anna and the villainous Prince Hans, this video examines the transformation of dating and romantic experiences through apps. It reflects on how these platforms have reshaped our expectations and interactions in pursuing romantic connections.