Sherly Fan

Multi-media artist | filmmaker

Social Dystopia

Social Media Dystopia is a series of short videos, quoting the content from Disney animation villains, trying to comment on the changes that contemporary human beings experience after the emergence of digital imaging technology and social media.

Poor Unfortunate Instagram Souls

Poor Unfortunate Instagram Souls is another video in the series that quotes the villain Ursula from “the Little Mermaid”. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is her theme song from the movie. The song is used to comment on the fragmented information we receive nowadays and the obsession to be someone else and completely sold our souls to the social media platforms. The lyrics from the song are performed through AI generated voice to mimic how we sold our souls to the machine.

Zoom play

This project tries to use AI technology to recreate the uncanny valley feelings that the current social media environment’s usage of our faces. The remake audio is a Disney Villain song from the movie “Tangled”, to mark the parallel between how Mother Gothel (the villain character in “Tangled”) gaslighted the princess Rapunzel and trapped her in a high tower verse how we are gaslighted to believe in the benign nature of putting our faces through web cameras and trapped in a digital screen. The usage of whispering voices is to highlight how indiscernible we are in this situation and how the ASMR videos (where people whisper and make light noises in order to help people relax) might look positive and helpful but might contribute to digital media content addiction.

Tinder Love is an open door

Quoting “Love is an Open Door”, a love song by Anna and the villain Prince Hans from Frozen, this video comments on how dating apps have altered our dating and romantic experience.